Share your Dub short links analytics

Learn how to create public analytics pages for your Dub short links.

Steven Tey

Written by Steven Tey

On Dub, you can create a public analytics dashboard for your short links.

This allows you to share the analytics for a given short link with clients or other external stakeholders without having to invite them to your Dub workspace.

How to create a public analytics page

  1. On your Dub dashboard, click on the 📊 clicks button for a given short link to open the analytics page.
  2. Click on the button next to the date range picker to open up the more options dropdown menu
  3. Click on the Share Analytics option.
  4. Toggle the "Public Analytics Page" switch to ON.

Behind the scenes, Dub creates a public page for your link's analytics and automatically copies the link to your clipboard.

Here's an example.

How to disable a public analytics page

Follow the same steps as above, but toggle the "Public Analytics Page" switch to OFF.

Dub will automatically disable the public analytics page for the given link. You will still be able to view the analytics for the link on your Dub dashboard, but the public page will no longer be accessible.

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