How to filter analytics by tags

Learn how to create powerful campaign-specific reports for your links with our tags feature.

Steven Tey

Written by Steven Tey

On Dub, you can filter analytics by tags. This allows you to create powerful campaign-specific reports for your links.

For example, you're running an Instagram influencer campaign with multiple links and you want to see how they're performing.

You can group the links with a Instagram Influencers tag and then filter the analytics by that tag to get a comprehensive report of how they're performing.

Before you can filter analytics by tags, you need to create a tag and assign it to the links you want to filter by.


Then, as your links start accruing clicks, you will be able to filter your analytics by tags.

Click on the Analytics tab in the navigation menu of your Dub workspace.

Then, click on the Filter button to open the filter dropdown:

Analytics filter dropdown
Analytics filter dropdown

Select the Tags option in the dropdown to open the tags filter:

Analytics tags filter
Analytics tags filter

Finally, click on the tag you want to filter by:

Filtered analytics by tags
Filtered analytics by tags

Voila! You have successfully filtered your analytics by tags.

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