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Resources for showcasing the Dub brand accurately and uniformly



"Dub" should always be written as a single word with a capital "D". When mentioning specific features or releases associated with Dub, please treat them as proper nouns and capitalize them accordingly (e.g., "Dub Links"). Additionally, the correct representation is "Dub", not "dub" or "DUB".

The name Dub comes from the literal definition of the word "dub" – which is to "give an unofficial name or nickname to something" (a là what Dub does with longer URLs).



The Dub wordmark is the defacto, streamlined representation of our brand, designed for clear visibility across both digital and print platforms. It embodies the brand in its most recognizable textual form. When utilizing the wordmark, it should be maintained in its original design and proportions to ensure consistency and recognition. We recommend using the Dub wordmark for most use cases unless otherwise specified.


The Dub symbol is a distinctive element of our brand identity, optimized for impact and recognition across various media. This symbol distills the essence of Dub into a concise visual form that is immediately identifiable. It is essential that the symbol be used in its original design and proportions to maintain brand consistency. Its use is particularly valuable in contexts where space is limited or where a more graphic representation is needed over text.

Composite Logo

The Dub composite logo, combining both the wordmark and symbol, should be prominently displayed in all references to Dub. Do not modify the composite logo or use it in a manner that might imply Dub's sponsorship or endorsement, or create confusion between Dub and another brand. For most use cases, we recommend using the Dub Wordmark instead of the composite logo.


Dub's visual identity primarily utilizes black and white for marketing purposes, symbolizing simplicity and elegance. These two colors should be consistently used across all promotional materials to ensure brand recognition and coherence. While our brand includes a broader palette of colors, these are specifically reserved for internal use by Dub and are not intended for external applications.


Dub product screenshots are essential for accurate media representation and are available for use by the press. These images should not be altered in a way that misrepresents the product's interface or features. It is crucial to maintain the context and integrity of the screenshots when used, ensuring they accurately reflect the Dub product without implying unauthorized endorsements or partnerships. High-resolution images should be used to preserve the quality of the product portrayal.


Dub brand mockups are provided to ensure consistent and professional representation of our brand across various media. These mockups are designed to demonstrate how Dub products and branding elements should appear in different contexts and environments. Use of these mockups should strictly adhere to our brand guidelines without any modifications to the designs, colors, or proportions. They are intended for promotional purposes and must not be used in a way that suggests endorsement or association without explicit permission from Dub.

For additional assets or questions about using the Dub brand, please contact us.

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