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Learn more about what a "Tag" is and how you can use it to better manage your links on

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Tags are a great way to organize your links on You can use tags to group links together and make it easier to find them later.

Using tags to organize links on
Using tags to organize links on

What is a Tag?

A tag is a label that you can assign to a link. Tags are color-coded and can be created and assigned to a link in just a few clicks.

With tags, you can:

  1. Organize your links by campaigns, clients, or any other categories you can think of.
  2. Filter your links by tags and get a shareable link to the filtered results.
  3. Easily edit/delete your tags with a Notion-style dropdown interface.

How to create a Tag

To create a tag, you first have to create a link.

In the link creation modal, click on the tag input field and type in the name of the tag you want to create.

Input the name of the tag you want to create (e.g. 'New Tag')
Input the name of the tag you want to create (e.g. 'New Tag')

If the tag already exists, you can select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, press Enter ↩ to create a new tag.

Once the tag is created, click on the "Create Link" button to assign the tag to the link.

How to edit or delete a Tag

Tags can be edited via the Tags filter section on the left sidebar.

Simply hover over a tag filter and a icon will appear. Click on the icon to open the edit dropdown menu for the given tag.

Edit a tag by clicking on the ⋮ icon
Edit a tag by clicking on the ⋮ icon

Inside the edit dropdown menu, you can:

  • Rename the tag
  • Change the color of the tag
  • Delete the tag

Currently, we only support assigning one tag to a link. If you're interested in the ability to assign multiple tags to a link, please let us know by creating an issuue here.

How many tags can I create?

The number of tags you can create depends on your plan:

  • Free plan: Up to 3 tags
  • Pro plan: Unlimited
  • Enterprise plan: Unlimited

Learn more about the Pro plan on here.

Note: You cannot create any tags when using links.

Managing tags programmatically with the API

You can also manage tags programmatically using the API.

Here are a few things you can do with the API:

Note:'s API has a rate limit of 100 requests per minute

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