How to transfer links between workspaces?

Learn how to transfer your short links from one workspace to another.

Steven Tey

Written by Steven Tey

Transferring links between workspaces is a common use case for many users, especially when they want to reorganize their links or consolidate them into a single workspace.

This guide will show you how to transfer your short links from one workspace to another – in just a few clicks!

For a given link, click on the button and select Transfer.

Transfer link option
Transfer link option

You can also use the T keyboard shortcut to open the transfer modal.

Step 2: Select the destination workspace

In the transfer modal, select the workspace you want to transfer the link to:

Transfer link modal
Transfer link modal

Click on Confirm transfer to complete the transfer.

That's it! Your link should now be successfully transferred to the new workspace.

Whenever a link is transferred, the associated workspaces' usage stats will be updated accordingly. This means that the source workspace's usage stats will be reduced, while the destination workspace's usage stats will be increased.


  • You can only transfer default Dub domains (e.g.,,,, etc.) between workspaces. If you want to transfer a custom domain link, you'll need to transfer the domain itself to the new workspace.
  • Link tags are not transferred when you transfer a link between workspaces. You'll need to re-apply the tags to the link in the new workspace.
  • You can only transfer links to workspaces that you have access to. If you don't have access to the destination workspace, you won't be able to transfer the link.

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