What are default Dub domains?

Learn more about the default branded domains provided by Dub and how you can use them to share your links.

Steven Tey

Written by Steven Tey

Dub is the only link management platform that provides default branded domains for you to use. These domains are automatically set up for you when you create a new account on Dub.

Dub offers the following default branded domains:

  1. dub.sh: This domain is the default domain for all new Dub accounts. You can use this domain to shorten any link you want to share.
  2. spti.fi: Branded domain for Spotify links (songs, playlists, etc.).
  3. git.new: Branded domain for GitHub links (repositories, gists, etc.).
  4. chatg.pt: Branded domain for ChatGPT links (convos, custom GPTs).
  5. amzn.id: Branded domain for Amazon links (products, wishlists, etc.).

You can use these domains to shorten links related to the respective platforms. For example, if you want to share a Spotify link, you can use the spti.fi domain to shorten it.

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