Migrating from Bitly

Easily migrate your links from Bitly to Dub.co in 2-3 clicks.

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Written by Steven Tey

Bitly is a popular URL shortener that lets you create short links, which can be used in your marketing campaigns, social media posts, and more.

How to migrate from Bitly to Dub.co

If you're looking to migrate from Bitly to Dub.co, we've built a custom migration tool that will help you migrate your links in just 2-3 clicks.

Step 1: Sign in with Bitly

If you haven't already, create a workspace on Dub.co.

Protip: Once you create your workspace, we generally recommend you not to configure your domain until you've migrated all your links. This will prevent any potential downtime for your links.

Then, from your workspace dashboard, click on the button next to the Create Link button and select Import from Bitly.

Import from Bitly button
Import from Bitly button

This will open a modal that prompts you to sign in with Bitly.

Import from Bitly modal
Import from Bitly modal

In the sign in screen, click "Allow" and you'll be redirected back to Dub.co.

Signing in with Bitly
Signing in with Bitly

Behind the scenes, we'll fetch all your Bitly groups and their respective custom domains and number of tags. You'll be presented with a list of groups that we've found.

List of Bitly groups found for your account
List of Bitly groups found for your account

If you accidentally signed in to the wrong Bitly account, you can click on the Sign in with a different account? link to sign in with a different Bitly account.

Select the domains you want to migrate and choose if you'd like to import their respective tags as well. You can learn more about how tags work on Dub.co.

Once you're done, click Confirm import. In just a few seconds, all your links will be migrated to Dub.co.

Links imported from Bitly
Links imported from Bitly

Once all your links have been imported, we will send you an email to let you know that the migration is complete.

Email notification about completed Bitly migration
Email notification about completed Bitly migration

Once you receive the email, you can configure your domain and start using your links!

Here's a list of attributes that are migrated from Bitly to Dub.co:

  1. Destination URL
  2. Short link slug
  3. Link creation date
  4. Link tags
  5. Archived status
  6. Link title (as part of Dub.co's Custom Social Media cards feature)

If there are any other attributes that you'd like to see migrated, please send us an email and let us know!

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