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Unveiling's New Chapter

Excited to announce that I'm starting a company around Here's how it all started, and where we're going.

Unveiling's New Chapter

Today, I'm excited to announce that I'm starting a company around

We're building the link management infrastructure for you to create marketing campaigns, link sharing features, and referral programs.

Here's how it all started – and where we're going.

The Early Days

Back in 2022, I built as a side project to solve an internal need we had at Vercel – sharing links on social platforms (X, LinkedIn, and iMessage) with beautiful Open Graph images to improve click-through rates.

The product was fully open-source and quickly gained a lot of traction – it reached #1 on Hacker News and was even trending on GitHub for a little while.

Over the next 12 months, continued to grow – mostly through word of mouth, without spending a cent on paid marketing.

The Big Vision

At Dub, we're building the link management software of the future.

Links are one of the most foundational pieces of the web. Every time you go online, chances are you'll interact with hundreds, if not thousands of URLs on any given day.

We're reimagining the role of links from being a simple "resource locator" (URL), to a full attribution engine – visualizing the user journey from the first click to the final conversion event.

To do that, we're starting with short links & QR codes, as well as our world-class analytics product. In the near future, we're planning to extend our link infrastructure to include features like referral management, as well as link-in-bio & deep links.

The Future

In 2024, we're planning to double down on the following areas:

1. New features

We're working on several exciting new features, including:

  • Referral links: Turn your short links into referral links and track conversion events (e.g. signups, purchases, etc.)
  • Link in bio: Create beautiful & performant landing pages and showcase your best links
  • Analytics API: Easily build link sharing features with our REST API and embed whitelabeled analytics into your app with our Analytics API

2. Integrations

We're planning to build integrations with various platforms:

We're also looking to create a marketplace that will allow anyone to build their own integrations with – stay tuned!

3. Developer Experience

At, we want to provide our users with the best developer experience possible.

To do that, we will be officially launching our REST API, as well as dub SDKs for Node, PHP, Python, and many more soon.

Join Us

I'm excited to take on the role of CEO and build out an all-star team to take to the next level.

If you enjoy working at a company that's:

  • fast-paced
  • open-source
  • design-driven
  • building the infrastructure to power the next trillion links on the web

Please send us an email – we'd love to chat!

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