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Introducing Dub AI

Today, we're excited to bring you Dub AI – a suite of AI enhancements to help you manage your links more efficiently.

Introducing Dub AI

The best kind of AI is the kind that happens behind the scenes – the kind that makes your life easier without you even realizing it.

Think products like GitHub Copilot, which helps you write code faster, or Gmail's Smart Compose, which suggests completions for your sentences. AI assistants that seamlessly integrate into your workflow and make you more productive – without getting in the way.

Today, we're introducing Dub AI in public beta with that very goal in mind – to help you manage your links more efficiently.

What you can do with Dub AI (in its current form)

Dub AI is a suite of AI enhancements that help you manage your links more efficiently without introducing any additional complexity.

Here's what you can do with Dub AI today:

  • Generate short links – Can't think of a short link slug? Let Dub AI suggest one for you.
  • Create custom OG titles and descriptions – If you're using our Custom Social Media Cards feature, Dub AI can help you generate SEO-optimized titles and descriptions to improve your click-through rates.
  • Auto-suggested tags – When you create a new link, Dub AI automatically suggests relevant tags based on the content of the link.

Dub AI is now available for all users on the Pro plan and above. To start using Dub AI, simply create a new link or edit an existing one, and you'll see the AI enhancements in action.

Looking ahead: What's next for Dub AI

This is just the early beginnings for Dub AI. Ultimately, our goal is to leverage AI to make our product more intuitive and improve your overall productivity on Dub.

On top of fine-tuning our existing AI implementations, a few other ideas we're exploring include:

  • Freeform bulk link uploads – Imagine being able to paste in block of text and Dub AI automatically extracts all the links and generates short links for you.
  • AI-generated insights – Imagine being able to ask "What are my top-performing links this month?" and Dub AI automatically generates a report for you.

We're excited to see how Dub AI evolves and how it can help you manage your links more efficiently. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you – feel free to send us an email or tweet at us!

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