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Introducing New & Improved Analytics for Dub

We're delighted to reveal our new and improved analytics dashboard, which is now available to all Dub users.

Introducing New & Improved Analytics for Dub

Analytics is at the core of Dub's DNA. Since day one, we built Dub to be an analytics-first platform, and we've been working hard to make it even better.

Today, we're thrilled to introduce our new and improved analytics dashboard, which is now available to all Dub users.

A few highlights:

  • Workspace-level Analytics: Get a bird's eye view of all your links' performance.
  • More powerful filters: Filter by country, city, device, and more.
  • Top links by clicks: See which links are performing best for a given time period.

Workspace-level Analytics

For a while now, we've been hearing from you that you want a workspace-level analytics dashboard to see how all your links are performing at a glance.

This is particularly useful if you're running a campaign with multiple links and want to compare how they are performing against one another.

We're excited to announce that this is now possible with our new workspace-level analytics dashboard, which you can access by clicking on the Analytics tab in the nav bar.

Workspace-level analytics
Workspace-level analytics

More powerful filters

With the new analytics dashboard, you can now filter your analytics by the following criteria:

  • Country: United States, United Kingdom, India, etc.
  • City: New York, London, Delhi, etc.
  • Device: Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, etc.
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.
  • Referrer:,,, etc.
Powerful analytics filters
Powerful analytics filters

This gives you a more granular understanding of how your links are performing and helps you make better decisions about your marketing campaigns.

We've also added a new Top Links section to the analytics dashboard, which shows you your top-performing links over a given time period (last 7 days, 30 days, etc.).

Top links section in the new analytics dashboard
Top links section in the new analytics dashboard

Instead of just sorting your links by all-time click count, you can now sort them by the number of clicks over a given time period. You can also click on each link to filter for that link's analytics.

Bonus: Hover to show a preview of the link's details (destination URL, creation date, etc.).

Hovering over a link shows a preview of the link
Hovering over a link shows a preview of the link

Other improvements

In the interest of better analytics accuracy, we've also made a few other improvements to the way we track clicks on Dub:

  • Clicks by bots like Googlebot and Twitterbot are no longer counted
  • Duplicate clicks within a 1-hour period are counted as 1 click

You can check out the following changelog posts to learn more:

What's next?

We're just getting started with analytics. Here are some of the things we're working on next:

  • Custom date ranges: Filter analytics by a custom date range + date-range picker
  • CSV exports: Export analytics data to a CSV file
  • Google Sheets integration: Sync analytics data to Google Sheets

Got any feedback or suggestions? Let us know by sending us an email or tweeting at us.

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