Configuring SCIM Directory Sync with Okta

For Dub Enterprise users, you can automatically provision and deprovision users from your Okta directory to Dub using SCIM Directory Sync.

Steven Tey

Written by Steven Tey

This feature is only available on Dub Enterprise.

For Dub Enterprise users, you can automatically provision and deprovision users from your Okta directory to Dub using SCIM Directory Sync.


Before you can configure SCIM Directory Sync, you need to create a SAML application in Okta. See Configuring SAML SSO with Okta for more information.

Step 1: Configure Directory Sync on Dub

In your workspace dashboard on Dub, click on the Settings tab in the menu bar at the top. Then, click on the Security tab in the sidebar.

Directory Sync section on the Dub Dashboard

Under the Directory Sync section, click on Configure. This will open up the Directory Sync modal:

  1. Select Okta as the Directory Provider.
  2. Click Save changes.
SCIM Modal

This will generate a Directory Sync connection for your Dub workspace, and return 2 values, which will be needed in Step 2:

  1. SCIM 2.0 Base URL
  2. OAuth Bearer Token
SCIM Modal Configured

Step 2: Add Provisioning to SAML Application

Go to the General tab of your existing Dub Okta SAML application that you want to enable SCIM provisioning for. Under App Settings click Edit.

General tab of Okta SAML application

Select the "Enable SCIM provisioning" option and click Save.

Enable SCIM provisioning

You should now see a Provisioning tab. Select it and click Edit.

Provisioning tab of Okta SAML application
  1. Under the SCIM connector base URL field, enter the SCIM 2.0 Base URL value from Step 1.

  2. Under Unique identifier field for users, enter userName.

Copy this unique identifier


  1. Under Supported provisioning actions, select the following options:
  • Push New Users
  • Push Profile Updates
  • Push groups
  1. Under Authentication Mode, select HTTP Header.

  2. Copy & paste the OAuth Bearer Token value from Step 1 into the Authorization field.

Configure SCIM provisioning

Click "Test Connector Configuration" to verify that the connection is working, and then click "Save".

Step 3: Configure Provisioning Actions

Under the To App section, click Edit.

Check the following options, and click Save:

  • Create Users
  • Update User Attributes
  • Deactivate Users
SCIM Provisioning Actions

Step 4: Assign Users

Once you've configured Directory sync, you can assign users to Dub directly within Okta.

Click on the Assignments tab, and click Assign. You can choose to assign users individually, or assign them in bulk by group.

Assigning users in Okta

Select the users or groups you want to assign and click Assign.

Assigning users in Okta choose users

In the next screen, scroll to the bottom and click Save and Go Back.

Saving Okta assignment

Your assigned users should now receive an invitation email to join your Dub workspace.

SAML invite email

They will also be able to sign in to Dub using Okta SSO.

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