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How Tinybird Uses Dub.co to Enhance Their Digital Marketing Strategies

Learn how Tinybird leverages Dub.co to create short links, understand their digital traffic through advanced analytics, and utilize custom social media cards to drive conversion rates.

How Tinybird Uses Dub.co to Enhance Their Digital Marketing Strategies




Tinybird is a real-time data platform that helps you build fast, scalable and real-time data products.


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Tinybird is the leading real-time data platform that allows data and engineering teams to use SQL and Git to build real-time data products and easily share them within teams.

When choosing their link management solution, they turned to Dub.co to solve their needs as it was the only platform that provided a complete and comprehensive set of features for every use case.

Cameron Archer

"Dub.co stands out as the most user-friendly and intuitive link management tool. Despite its simplicity, it offers the most comprehensive solution I've ever worked with."


Cameron Archer

Content Lead

The challenge: Lacking understanding of where customers are coming from

Tinybird encountered constraints with their standard links, as they lacked the functionality to integrate comprehensive UTM content parameters for precise tracking of their traffic sources.

"We wanted every single click from an external platform (e.g. social media) to our marketing site to be tracked and appropriately assigned.", said Tinybird Content Lead, Cameron Archer. "We had a broad goal to make sure we used robust and consistent UTM codes for any link we placed on an external platform."

As a result, their analytics did not have detailed insights into different social media campaigns and channels, hindering their ability to fully grasp the origins of their customer traffic.

On top of that, there were additional issues:

  1. Long and unappealing URLs (e.g. https://www.tinybird.co/blog-posts/s3-sink-launch?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=blog-post).
  2. Little control over Open Graph (OG) images, which is not ideal especially since low-quality OG images reduce click-through rates.
  3. Time consuming process of generating multiple custom URLs for different social media channels.
  4. Inability to use the same link for different locations worldwide.

By integrating Dub.co's UTM parameter builder, Tinybird is able to get a full breakdown of where their users are coming from. A prevalent use case involves tracking the specific user demographics originating from their X (formerly Twitter) profile.

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Dub's UTM builder lets Tinybird enrich their links with robust and consistent UTM codes. Then, when the same link is utilized across different social media channels, Tinybird can effortlessly duplicate the link already created in Dub and change the UTM parameters accordingly.

This streamlined process saves significant time, eliminating the need for manual creation of each duplicate link.

Jorge Sancha

"We've been using Dub.co at Tinybird since it first launched over a year ago for all our marketing campaigns and our team absolutely loves it!"


Jorge Sancha


Some other ways in which Tinybird utilizes Dub daily:

  1. Custom Social Media Cards: With Dub, Tinybird is able to set custom OG images and tags, allowing them to create beautiful previews of their links when shared on social media platforms like X, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dub's custom social media cards feature is especially useful when producing content with external partners. Often, the OG image may be low-quality or not relevant to the content. By using Dub, Tinybird can easily replace the OG image with a high-quality one that is more relevant to the content – increasing click-through rates.

  1. Custom Domains: Tinybird uses the tbrd.co custom domain for their short links, improving brand recognition and trust among their audience.
  2. Geo-Targeting: With Dub's Geo Targeting feature, Tinybird is able to automatically redirect their users to different destination URLs based on their location.
  3. Advanced Analytics: Dub's analytics dashboard gives Tinybird a comprehensive overview of their link performance, allowing them to grasp the audience profile behind each click.

The result: A complete understanding of the audience and improved conversion rates

Cameron Archer

"I pretty much always have Dub open in a browser tab. Anytime I need to link to tinybird.co from an external domain, I create a new link in Dub. It saves me so much time and enables the tracking we need to know where our website visitors come from."


Cameron Archer

Content Lead

Tinybird has significantly improved their understanding of online traffic across various marketing channels. It allowed them to make more informed decisions with the help of advanced analytics, resulting in a more efficient marketing budget spent and increased conversion rates. The tangible outcomes are evident, as Tinybird stands as Dub's earliest adopter and long-term customer.

Ready to become one of Dub's valued customers? Explore our product and experience firsthand the intuitive interface of Dub's link management platform – no credit card required.

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